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    Offshore teams and app development

    We provide Offshore Dedicated Software Development Teams

    Since we operate our own offshore offices, staffed with employees rather than contractors, we are able to pass our savings on to our customers.


    Dedicated Team

    A dedicated team is staffed to meet the specific project requirements. The team works autonomously in our overseas offices, with an English speaking lead engineer who will work directly with you to manage the app development.

    Managed Team

    A managed team is a more expensive option since it requires comprehensive management from one of our US based lead engineers, to oversee every aspect of development.


    To see which option is right for you just send us a short description of your project.

    VertuSoft can help you accelerate your existing business with a high quality remote development team. Our unique business model allows you to build the team that you need, operate the team for your business using our collaborative tools and technology. With a remote development center in South Asia, we can help build the perfect development team for your business needs. Our secret lies within our ability to understand our client’s challenges and rapidly scale with their business opportunities.


    Our unique business model guarantees our clients own 100% of their intellectual property. Our comprehensive model allows our clients the ability to deploy with confidence knowing that their technology and intellectual property will always be protected. We focus on making an impact on the current issues that our clients face, and working together to face in the future, we help empower them with the confidence that leads to effective solutions for their business. We look forward to an opportunity to expand your success and opportunities in the marketplace.

    Intellectual Property

    Our clients own the IP for any products developed by the remote team working for them. Therefore no conflict of interest can ever exist between our client’s IP and our own. Our employees are bound to individual NDA, CDA and IP release agreements. We guarantee our client IP, trade secrets and work product are well protected.

    Managed by you

    No one knows more about your product than you do. That’s why our model allows you to manage your team directly. Whether it’s a single point of contact, or individual team members our goal is to provide our clients with the communication and direction that fits their organizational style.

    We pride ourselves on building nice apps

    Our Services:

    1. Fully managed software development 

    2. Dedicated offshore development teams

    Simple Process Overview

    A typical project follows this process for information gathering, development, testing, feedback, iteration, deployment, and scaling.


    Each project starts with information gathering, where we refine the specification, MVP feature list, data structure, and software architecture decisions. There should be ongoing discovering and feedback as the project progresses. It is important however, to set the roadmap and build a solid foundation to work from.


    The development process centers around rapid concept design, feedback, and iteration. Projects usually follow a flow between wireframing, high-level concepts, user interface and user experience integration, back-end programming, testing, and validation. Features are broken down and organized into fixed sprints of about 1-2 weeks in length.


    Testing and validation are vital to ensuring the functionality desired user experience. It is important to have end users try out your application, providing honest feedback on it's functionality and usability. We help clients adopt ongoing testing procedures once the product is launched.


    Once the application has been refined sufficiently it is commercially launched. Ongoing monitoring, and testing now takes place to ensure that user's needs are bing met. Data may be analyzed to assist with improving adoption and conversion rates.

    Send us a note to discover if we are the best option for your app development.

    We love to code

    Clean well documented code should be standard good business practice. This allows work to be handed off to additional team members later on, and makes implementing maintenance and scalability far simpler as your software application gets traction.

    Turnkey Development & Testing

    While we do provide fully managed turnkey development, this is a more expensive option, so many customers today are choosing to manage their own dedicated team directly. We can help guide you through this process, providing the level of support you need.


    Cross-Platform Services

    We can develop application to work seamlessly across all platforms, from windows to mac desktop applications, to cross-platform website based apps, to mobile apps for any device. It is important to decide on a deployment strategy to both test markets and also to minimize upfront costs.

    Unique and Creative

    Vertusoft provides a bespoke service, whereby everything is customized to our individual client’s needs. If you have your own designer, or specific creative influence then we adapt our workflow, and team to meet your exact requirements.