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San Diego Startup Week 2016

San Diego Startup Week 2016


San Diego Startup Week was an incredible event with over 3000 attendees! Two members of our team were able to experience the 2016 event, and were blown away by the content of the workshops and the people we met.


Obviously the tech scene is growing in San Diego, there is a vibrance that is exciting to experience. One afternoon was centered around visiting local tech office, to learn about what they do, and see how they operate. Every tech company I went to was a far cry from the old stuffy cubicles of old corporate America! People were passionate and excited about what they are a part of, and the work environments are certainly an empowering place to be for a modern technology workers.

Justin Marks

Founder of Staffstack, where we are dedicated to improving the lives of specialized technology workers. VertuSoft is a service provided by Staffstack, Inc. As an engineer with over 20 years experience working with fortune 100 companies, Justin brings a wealth of expertise to software development and engineering projects. His diverse background includes projects for Wireless Operators & Telecom Equipment Vendors, the Department of Defense, and the Air Intelligence Agency. Achievements include: A post graduate background in Microelectronic Systems & Radio Communication Theory • Undergraduate studies in Computer Electronics & Robotics • Television and press appearances.

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