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    Software Product Development

    Good software begins with a conversation. Our team listens to your needs, and gathers the necessary information to ensure the specification is straight forward to follow, while being comprehensive enough to encompass all of your requirements.

    MVP / Minimal Viable Product

    A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.

    Software Product Reengineering and Enhancements

    We offer a range of services to improve your existing applications. Although primarily for commercial software, pre-launch reengineering is also quite common. Improvements vary from managing load, scalability, feature additions, UI/UX enhancements.

    Dedicated Team

    We can extend your existing team, provide turnkey solutions as your technical partner, or staff an entire team for your specific needs. Our engineers are highly screened, and work in our own offices as direct employees. You own your IP, and can easily acquire your dedicated team as your business grows.

    See Your Applications
    Come Alive

    From specification refinement, to MVP, to realizing your full product roadmap, we strive to ensure your creation is functional, visually appealing, and ready for market.

    Free Evaluation

    What Are You Waiting For? Start Today!

    Do you have a basic specification and feature list?

    We can provide some free resources during your initial free consult. Then when you are ready to move forwards we will refine these key foundational documents with you.


    Do you know the process to MVP?

    Save money by not making the mistakes that others fall into

    There is a simple and standard process to create successful applications. We have streamlined this process to be simple, and cost effective. Sort through the noise of; ideas, specs, wireframes, clickable prototypes, software stacks, and much more..


    Our teams are highly skilled and affordable

    We have a transparent pricing model

    You will find our costs are lower than, yet we maintain a very high quality. This is achievable since we maintain our own offshore offices, and recruit direct employees in our offices.


    We are a quick phone call away

    We are always happy to have a quick chat

    Communication is key! We would like to get to know you a little, and evaluate if we are the right fit to take your ideas to the next level.

    Web Apps, Mobile Apps, SaaS, and Enterprise Software Applicaitons

    All software application development is an iterative process

    Information Gathering : A fundamental and foundational step. This requires outlining the business case, or the specific functionality and use of the software application. There is fact finding, assumptions, writing a specification and a features document, user stories, early screen sketches, and possibly wireframes.

    Coding and Design : Development comprises all aspects of coding, designing, and architecture. It starts with understanding the information gathered in step 1. Then decision are made regarding the software stack, database structure, and other vital decisions. Once this is underway early wireframes, and clickable prototypes are made to prevent spending prematurely on coding and design work. Once the foundation is prepared coding development can begin.

    Testing : It is important to get working prototypes into user’s hands, or beta test the MVP, as soon as possible. Combining this external testing with internal usability and bug testing is vital to ensure your product is on track. This stage will shed some much needed light on the early assumptions made. It will also iron out the product to make it as close to commercial viability as possible.

    A Feedback Loop : Feedback form step 3 is so important to the success and adoption of your application. Incorrect assumptions are often identified by having actual future or existing customers provide feedback on their experience. Our internal testing will also allow for features to be changed at a more economical time point. Remember developing successful software, or really the success of any professionally engineered system, requires an iterative process.

    To find out if VertuSoft is right for you Contact us today for a free consultation..